Sunday, 17 March 2013


Portrait of Wilberforce by Sir Thomas Lawrence
by Colin Bloom

It must have been an inspired follower of utilitarianism that assigned M1, M2 and M3 to the main meeting rooms in the Conservative Party Headquarters in Westminster. There is little to say about these rooms, save for some bronze statues, they are utterly functional.

In M1 there is a bust of Sir Winston Churchill; we are told he is regarded by a majority of the British Public as the greatest Briton that ever lived. He deserves to be there; he is the Conservative who led our Nation through our darkest hours against the tyranny of fascism. Churchill is our military godfather.

In M2 there is a bust of Lady Thatcher; and quite rightly so. She is the Conservative who led our nation back from the economically crippling tyranny of socialism and restored our health from the 'sick man of Europe' to the global force we are today. Thatcher is our economic godmother.

In M3 there is no bust. There should be, and it has been agreed that if I can get a bust made of William Wilberforce, it could be loaned to the Party to sit in M3. Wilberforce deserves to be there; in so many areas, not just slavery, he led our nation back from the tyranny of moral apathy. Wilberforce is our moral and spiritual godfather.

If this plan of a Wilberforce Bust is a success, maybe the meeting rooms will be renamed after the watching bronzed trilogy of these great Conservatives. They should become inspirational reminders of why the Conservatives are the oldest and most successful political party on the planet; and we should use these reminders from our past to inflame the legacy that we want to leave for this and future generations.

In the coming weeks, there will be more to say about the progress of the Wilberforce Bust. If you like the idea of it, and would like to participate in being part of this project then you know where I am.

In the meantime, who from our current 303 Members of Parliament might our children be considering for a plinth in M4?

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