Sunday, 31 March 2013


by Colin Bloom

The polls are all suggesting that the Iain Duncan-Smith's welfare reforms are not only extremely popular with the British people, but that the British public would like the Coalition to go further in reducing the size of welfare spending.

These are popular measures with the vast majority of the public, but to the broadcast media you might be forgiven in thinking that everyone was against them.

This weekend neither Sky News, nor the BBC have given balanced coverage of this debate. They have given far too much airtime to people against the cuts and not enough to, if the polls are to be believed, the majority view which is these measures are sadly necessary.

Do the BBC and others have such low regard for Her Majesty's Opposition that they feel they have to do their job for them?

Earlier today the Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps upbraided a BBC reporter who kept using the term 'Bedroom Tax' for swallowing the language of the left and doing the Labour Party's job for them. I hope this more dynamic, robust approach continues when challenging journalists who are at best lazy or at worse politically biased.

The magic money tree doesn't exist, we need to reduce the size of Government spending and these are facts that the broadcast media have ignored this weekend.


melodie montgomery said...

people have been fed lies that's why they think most unemployed sick or disabled are living the life of luxury and don't want to work thanks to the governments strivers and skivers rhetoric . when the truth is so much different .this government are turning the poor against the unemployed and disabled and poor against poor.the government are dishonest in there numbers .and people need to remember that welfare includes pensions that take over have of the welfare bill and now it will also include among other benefits for the well off ,help with a mortgage of up to £600.000 and child care for couples earning less than £300.000 so what does that tell you the man on the street recieving £80 unemployment benefit is a scrounger or the man earning ££££££ a year

Anonymous said...

That's because they have been brainwashed by tory lies. The sick and disabled have been persecuted and made to feel like they have no right to be alive. Some have killed themselves. This government is evil.

waddell said...

'Anonymous' - before you go calling people evil, ain't it reasonable to put an identity to the accusation.

As for the content of your point... there is a reasonable argument on all sides about the merits of the approach, but there is little dispute about the need for reform. Even Labour accepts that. But for all their inevitable flaws, the intent of the reforms are to bring back credibility to the welfare system. It is the worst excesses which - rightly or wrongly - serve to discredit the whole system. We need to prevent them. But that is inevitably difficult and controversial.

Throwing around accusations of 'evil' are unhelpful at best and at worst a wasted opportunity to engage with the arguments.